Invitation to Stallholders

The 2017 Rylstone StreetFeast on Saturday the 28th of October from 10am with lunch from 12.30pm

In addition to the ‘Long Lunch’ held in the centre of the street under the shade of the Plane trees, it is intended to have 50+ Market Stalls spread out down both sides of the street, and applications from potential stallholders are now invited.

The primary objective of StreetFeast is to promote the local area of Rylstone and its surrounds, comprising the towns of Rylstone & Kandos, the villages of Bylong, Glen Davis, Glen Alice, Running Stream, Ilford, & Lue, and the localities within.

The purpose of the Market Stalls is to allow local growers, producers, artists etc to display, promote, and sell their products, and as such the following criteria will apply when considering applications for StreetFeast Stallholders.

  • first preference will be given to those whose product is either; LOCALLY MADE, LOCALLY GROWN, or LOCALLY CREATED
  • ‘white elephant’ type stalls will not be permitted
  • commercially produced items will not be permitted UNLESS they have been ‘value added’ locally
  • products that are made, grown, or created FROM OUTSIDE OF THE RYLSTONE AREA will only be considered if:-

. there is no similar local product, or

. the producer(s) of similar local products have no objection to ‘outside’ products being present

Some further information is as follows:

- Each stall space measures approximately 3m x 3m (with space between each stall). If you need more than one space please indicate this on your application form. Payment is per space.

- Stall positions are available at $45 for those with their own insurance and $65 for those without insurance – Certificates of Currency will need to be sighted. Powered sites will cost an additional $10. The number of sites with power and/or insurance is limited.

- Stalls will be set up on both sides of the street from the edge of the curb. There is a slight slope to the gutter so you may need to bring extra mounts for your tables etc.

- We strongly recommend that you provide your own shelter. The ‘long lunch’ will be served under the trees so having your own shade is the most practical option.

- Stalls will be allocated on application. Your stall number will be sent to you upon confirmation of payment. There will be a map on the day to show your stall position, thus making the morning preparation run efficiently. Please understand that we will do our best to give you the best position for your product.

If you are interested in a stall please contact us at the link below.

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